Australian Homeschooling Summit Early Bird Tickets & Speaker Schedule

I'm thrilled to be a part of the upcoming Australian Homeschool Summit. Click the link now and check out the schedule. Here is my introduction for my little part on 8th February ... "Grab a cuppa, pull up that comfy chair and join me for a time. I want to share, from my family to... Continue Reading →

2019 Australian Homeschooling Summit!

It's time for the 2019 Australian Homeschooling Summit! I've been homeschooling for going on 11 years and my top advice to you is not really homeschool related. It's just healthy relationships related... No one's opinion matters on the marital, parenting and personal decisions you make beyond you (as a couple). Re socialisation... the homeschool socialisation... Continue Reading →

Handwork: Homemade Knitting Needles

If you have a budding knitter in your home then this is a handwork for you, beautiful bright home-crafted knitting needles. These are a lovely gift for someone and only take an afternoon to make. What do I need?: Dowel - approx cost: $1.80. We started by going to our local hardware store to buy... Continue Reading →

Why Do I Blog?

This post is prompted by Australian Mums Encouraging Australian Mums Blog Hop. I've never been very good at sticking to schedules but I think this is such a great initiative and opportunity to encourage each other as Aussie Homeschool mummas. It's great to be part of building our Australian community, don't you think? Why I... Continue Reading →

Brambling & Butterflies

This is how we spent morning tea on Australia Day. After all the rain we have had this year, a benefit is a bumper crop of blackberries. The last two days we have picked about the amount shown in the colander each day. Just enough for us to have some each for supper. Our little... Continue Reading →

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