About Me

This is a place of simple reflection from the view of one imperfect girl’s heart and one simple family’s journey to walking in freedom and grace. I am a homeschooling mother of a teen boy and his nine year old sister and married to my beloved of twenty one plus years. My eldest child has moved onto other full time tertiary education and I have my sweet girl living a freedom to learn lifestyle. Despite all my faults, I live a simple but abundant life. My days are filled with what I love, my family, creative art, nature, homemade whatever I can, and all things soothing and comforting with a hint of adventure.

We’ve been on this homeschooling gig since 2007, but really it started from the moment my children arrived earth-side. I’ve been through waves of change. One major wave took us from a more prescribed style of homeschooling where I have used a Charlotte Mason style education to a more delight-directed, project-based natural learning lifestyle. Great literature and conversations are a big part of our days. We have gone through a period of de-schooling and de-homeschooling. I have learned more about learning and I realised I simply must TRUST the immense capabilities of my children (of ALL children). I TRUST that my home learning experience will look vastly different to that of others and you know what, it should. And I TRUST that this is the most fulfilling adventure I have ever embarked upon.

I want to share with you my authentic experience. Why don’t you brew a soothing cuppa and lets spend some time together walking in the wildflowers.

Photo on 4-07-2014 at 1.19 pm

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