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A Book Of Centuries

I have created a template for our Book Of Centuries. When you compile your BOC  do so that as you open to a two page spread one side will have the century page (20 rows x 5 columns = this makes for 100 years of history) and the other side should be left blank for sketching.

On the right side the child will record historical dates, names, events and on the left he will make drawings of artefacts, tools, pottery clothing etc of the time period. Often a similar sketch was added to each century showing changes over time. Drawings and entries from museum visits are also added as the individual sees fit. Each child’s entries will be unique to their interests and tastes and therefore every BOC will be different, unique to the individual. It is their book, it is not graded, but it is important to keep it neat and accurate.

Students in the PNEU schools would begin a “Book Of Centuries” around the age of 10 and up, keeping the book throughout their school years.

Here is a Book of Centuries editable document to help you make your own BOC. You can choose to bind, keep it loose leaf and put in a ring binder or paste into a sketch book. I chose to paste mine into a sketch book since I had a nice leather-covered book and it is more compact than a binder. We have made one each for myself and my eldest (in junior high). Feel free to use BCE and CE instead of B.C and A.D.

BOC Landscape BC    BOC Landscape ADIMG_1781



I hope that the leather cover will ware well with use and soften as leather often does.

IMG_1785 IMG_1786

Here are some editable title pages if you would like to use them.

BOC title 2       BOC title 3

Characteristics of The Centuries – this is for you to put in the back of your Book Of Centuries. It was taken from here.

Characteristics of Centuries

Here is a sample of how to title and adjust each page:

You go far back as suits you.

10th Century B.C (1000-901), 9th Century B.C (900-801), 8th Century B.C (800-701) and so on …………

1st Century A.D (1-100), 2nd Century A.D (101-200), 3rd Century A.D (201-300)…… until you reach today.

You will notice there is only a small amount of space for each entry. We will have to write small and neat. One of the biggest hurdles for me personally is knowing what to enter into my BOC.

I have not read this book as yet but ‘The Living Page’ is one of the new “hottest” Charlotte Mason reads out there at the moment. Written by Laurie Bestvater, Laurie keeps a lovely website called Keeping a Book Of Centuries. Among a BOC  Laurie keeps other beautiful notebooks that she shares with us. Laurie uses BCE and CE in her century page titles and explains why as well as answers other BOC questions here.



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