Why Do I Blog?

This post is prompted by Australian Mums Encouraging Australian Mums Blog Hop. I’ve never been very good at sticking to schedules but I think this is such a great initiative and opportunity to encourage each other as Aussie Homeschool mummas. It’s great to be part of building our Australian community, don’t you think?


Why I blog: my reason, purpose, goals
I first started blogging in 2009 over at Dove’s Rest, the first year I started homeschooling. At first it was a way to share with family and friends what it was we were actually doing. It then became a way of sharing with other homeschoolers that might be interested in the way we did things. Now I do it because sharing can help others and its a great way to keep a diary or record of our learning. Blogging encourages me, especially when I look back at all we’ve done. I am not a wonderful writer and I am not very good at tech stuff, so using the computer always feels like a learning curve for me.
My goal for blogging would be to keep a record for ourselves, practice the art of written and visual communication and hopefully my blogging might be useful to someone that may happen by here one day. Even if this blog was a blessing to one other mumma feeling her way through the homeschool maze I would feel it was worth the effort.

What attracted you to blogging?
Having a visual diary and sitting down to think and write what we have loved on our journey. I think this attracts me to blogging. Secondly I think it might be nice for the kiddos and family to look back one day and see just how proud I am of the kids and how much they have grown. Blogging is also a great way to connect with other like minded mums out there whether in Australia or across the seas.

My blogging story – when I started, what it looked like then, what it looks like now.
I think I’m more chilled as a homeschool ma but just as excited about our homeschool plans and planning, successes and absolute triumphs and most of all finding beauty in the everyday.

What I’ve learnt because I blog
I’ve learnt that every reader wants absolute honesty about life. Readers want all your secrets to success, what works and what didn’t, and when I’ve felt like I have monumentally failed at something. Readers like the dirt! I’ve learnt that I need to make myself write, it doesn’t flow naturally and I need to avoid sounding so serious. I’ve learnt that blogging helps me sort out my thoughts and solidify my ideas on whatever it is I am writing about.

What do I do other than blog (yes, I do have another life)
Have a Women’s Bible Study in our home once a week.
Draw and paint.
enjoy art with friends,
Sew quilts occasionally.
Garden occasionally.
Drink tea very often,
Explore new bush-tracks with my kids.
Swim, kayak and boat in the river.
Dream often about holidays.
Dream of selling everything and hitting the road or sailing away to an island.
I live a simple yet abundant life.

What are some things about you that you’ve never shared on your blog
Mmmmm or should the question be what am I willing to share that I haven’t before? Let me see …
I get a little thrill when my fridge is newly stocked with colourful vegetables and fruit. I also like to look back at my washing line after I am finished hanging out a load. I get a certain satisfaction of work completed and love the crisp new smell.
No laughing but I also happen to think God sends me butterflies, just to remind me he’s looking after me and mine.
mmmm… Yes, I think you’ll have to ask me a question.

Do you read other blogs? Which blogs inspire you?
I love to soak up:
~ how families are inspired Charlotte Mason’s philosophies and methods as well as wonderful literature to share with my kiddos.
~ how others homeschool with beauty, simplicity , on a budget and how others take things slow with their children not forcing them to conform to a grade level because of their age.
~ how people de-clutter and simplify their homes and lifestyle
~ ironically I love to read about people unplugging or living in a cabin in the wilderness or sailing off to an island.

Links to your top blog posts
This humble space here is fairly new but feel free to poke around or you can check out my old blog at Dove’s Rest (linked above).

Thankyou for visiting my little nook in the web and please feel free to ask me a question, I’ll do my darndest to give you my best answer.

warmest wishes, Renelle x


14 thoughts on “Why Do I Blog?

Add yours

  1. Thank you for popping by my site – http://www.frangipani.bloomfields.net.au

    I am always excited to discover new Aussie Homeschool blogs. I have added you to my list here:

    I remember you from Dove’s Rest. Congrats on the new site! (I personally think the switch to wordpress is a big improvement, but that’s a personal preference.) I look forward to having a poke around your new site 🙂

    FYI – I too dream of selling everything and hitting the road. It would start with a seemingly endless lap of Australia and when we tired of that we would cross the seas and continue across the globe living simply, a day at a time…


    1. Already WordPress is easier to use although I do still stumble around a bit learning. I am yet to add more nooks from around the web to my followed list but I’m getting there. Very nice to be living on the continent with you 🇦🇺🌏☀️


  2. That’s great, Renelle and gives me some ideas of how to jump back into the blogosphere (though I promise not to copy you … except the paragraph about what you like to read, that’s going to be really similar. In fact I wish I could steal the last sentence verbatim!) I love hearing your voice through your blog, which comes through peacefully and truly, and definitely doesn’t sound too serious. 🙂


    1. Oops, I’ll try signing this a different way … I checked what my signature leads to and it’s a blog I had completely forgotten about, unlike the other, simply neglected ones. I think I have corrected it. 😉


  3. Lovely to hear from you Renelle:) Your new blog looks great.
    I love to look back at old posts that I’ve written to reminisce and now Jessie is old enough she like to look back through them as well and I love to hear from her, “I remember that day.”
    Have a lovely Friday:)


    1. I’m so glad you are still popping in to keep touch. I am just starting to read more blogs myself. I appreciate the time you take. I hope you are all keeping well. Take care my lovely friend, nell x


  4. I too remember Dove’s Rest blog – and am glad to see your new blog. Thanks for joining in with the blog hop – I am thrilled to see people connecting and having a desire to build up Aussie mums. Blogging when my kids where younger (and to some degree now) certainly helps me remember that we have been learning – sometimes it feels like too many interruptions!


  5. Renelle, I am glad I found your new blog! I have been thinking about you and wanted to see what you were up to and found you here. Lovely to catch up on the past few posts and what you’ve been up to!
    I’ll try to pop in from time to time:)


  6. I find myself unable to leave your blog! I can’t stop reading it! I must say you have a very unique voice in writing, which I personally appreciate. What motivates you on writing blogs? Let me know what you think. Thanks again Renelle!


    1. I am chuffed you’ve enjoyed visiting. Sharing what has worked for us I hope might inspire a small moment in someone else’s home. It is also nice to look back and see some of the things we did and how much the family has grown and changed. It helps me see the big picture. I really only want to share the positive things but am hoping that honesty will also be helpful. Homeschooling is a long term gig but I aim to make it as lovely and wonderful a journey for my family as I can. I can be a bit phlegmatic in temperament so I need to give myself a kick to get going sometimes but my natural instinct is to make things feel lovely, warm etc and everyday happenings tend to focus around what brings our family comfort. Such as lots of tea, essential oils, my cosing chair in the sun, a small quiet moment to read etc. I tend to wrap what happens in our day around comfort! But I aim to bog more, just as I aim to rise earlier, retire earlier, read more, hug more, cook more…. once I am passionate about something though there’s no holding me back. And so I thank you for the encouragement to keep posting 😉 Taa


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