Wise Passiveness

The selection of books I choose I hope will supply us with the ideas that will inspire the many ideas they will attend to. I am really talking here about Masterly Inactivity.

Charlotte Mason said “…. every day new thoughts that burn must be supplied or the fire will go out and present the dreariest of all spectacles, a desolate hearth”.

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I see this as of even more importance now I have one child in high school. This is so important to me as I think about preparing and choosing for the new year line of books and experiences. What will inspire? Great minds, great experiences, inspired activities, beautiful and useful creations and great fun.

My hope is that I can provide a life and education for my children that they look back on with fondness and grateful heart to God for their life.


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  1. I too want to provide beauty and inspration while also respecting the individuals my children are . I just finished reading Consider This by Karen Glass and I am so glad I did. It was an eye opener, a comfort and an inspiraion. One part I remember fondly ( there are many parts actually) is that even though our children may read the same books, they may walk away with different information, taking what speaks to them, and leaving what doesn’t. I thought that was interesting and comforting. They are not vessels to be filled 🙂


  2. I seem to be always learning and polishing my approach to our learning. I think definitely it is a deliberate act of creating not only a nurturing environment with excellent choices but creating the atmosphere conducive to doing this. I guess this is where we have had to over the years set boundaries so that I can feed my children good things so that they can spend their free time well spent. As much as my children like entertainment I know they also thrive on meaningful activities and I hope that they will choose more of the things that are nourishing for them. It’s all about relationship we grow with whatever we are doing.
    Thankyou for visiting me ladies I hope to have some new posts up soon.


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